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Don’t let your Sales Team spend time prospecting

Your Sales Team needs quality leads to make the monthly goal. If they have to search for prospective customers themselves, they can’t focus on closing deals. This results in an overworked team that is virtually set-up for failure.

Do you want to grow sales? Then you can’t also be spending time on repetitive tasks like prospecting. You should do all you can to spend your time on what gives the biggest returns: acquiring customers and strategic growth management.

Lead Generation services shouldn’t be unpredictable

...yet that’s often what happens when you hire a freelancer, use outdated CRM data or buy ready-made contact lists. This leads to unforeseen problems that put a dent in your strategy: customers get annoyed, you can’t reach the right target group, or your domain gets blacklisted.

Ultimately, old and irrelevant data can’t generate sales.

It’s a challenge to hire or train someone with the right skills to find your next customers. If you succeed, you still need a process that will include identification of your Ideal Customer Profile, contact and e-mail verification, e-mail campaign writing and e-mail outreach organisation.

The Lead Generation Agency for sales & marketing teams

The whole point of Lead Generation is to regularly find the most promising customers and start conversations with them. If you do it well enough,you can maintain a full sales pipeline and work only with quality leads.That requires sharp focus, ongoing commitment, and a lot of in-depth research.

How can you make that happen? You don’t - you should focus on strategy and growth.

We make it happen.

Free Your Sales Team to Close More Deals

Lead Pal provides high-quality services to regularly fill your sales pipeline with quality B2B sales leads. We’re here to free you and your Sales Team from the trouble of prospecting.

Thanks to Lead Pal, your Sales Team can focus on what matters: growing revenue.

Tested and Proven System

Lead Pal started with a simple mission: to make B2B Lead Generation simple and effective. Experience with many customers has allowed us to establish our own process. Our expert team will guide along every step:

Ideal Customer Profile,
in-depth research and list-building,
data clean-up and enrichment,
e-mail campaign copywriting,
outreach campaign setup and automation.

We’ve spent years refining our Lead Generation process so you won’t have to. Need B2B leads? We’ve got you covered.

How our lead generation company work


Choose Your Package

On-demand lead generation and
prospect lists, leads in bulk or monthly
lead generation on autopilot.


Identify Your Targets

We’ll define an Ideal Customer Profile,
clean-up and enrich your existing CRM
contacts, and start generating new leads.


Generate Your Leads

We handle everything - building
prospect lists, writing e-mail copy, and
organising outreach.


Outdated contacts in your CRM?
Need to identify your Prospects?

Lead enrich calendar

Outdated database of contacts?

Send them our way. We’ll get them cleaned, verified, and updated.

We’ll update contact details, e-mails, phone numbers, add specific technical criteria and apply market intelligence to your freshly updated database.

Complete lack of leads?

We’ll research, acquire and supply you with targeted contacts. Contact lists contain verified e-mail addresses, and all of the insights we collect from multiple data sources before passing it over to you. Let’s define your Ideal Customer Profile, and we can start building a list of new leads for your Sales Team.

Our Lead Generation Process

We don’t just build high-quality prospect lists.

We also handle the rest of the process, which also includes copywriting, strategic
campaign planning, e-mail outreach and much more...

Ideal Customer Profile
Prospects List Building
Emails Copywriting
Strategic Campaign Planning
Email Outreach Setup and Automation
Deliverability and optimisation consulting
CRM, lead qualification support
Sales follow-up consulting
lead generation agency process

Simple Pricing

Packages to fit your Lead Generation needs


Just the contact lists


500+ B2B leads 
Dedicated Researcher

Batch order

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Highly Targeted Prospects
Decision makers contacts
Validated email addresses
Personalised Data points
2-weeks turnaround
Get Started


Just the contact lists


1000+ B2B leads
 Dedicated Researcher

Batch order

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Highly Targeted Prospects
Decision makers contacts
Validated email addresses
Personalised Data points
1-month turnaround
Get Started

Sales Development

With “the works”


1000+ B2B leads
 Dedicated Researcher & SDR

Batch order

Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Highly Targeted Prospects
Decision makers contacts
Validated email addresses
Personalised Data points
Emails Copywriting
Designing the email course
Email Outreach Setup and Automation
Deliverability and Optimisation Consulting
Consult on CRM, lead qualifying and sales follow-up.
1-month turnaround
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Questions & Answers

What happens after I request a demo?

After you click "Get Started" of any of the packages listed above, you’ll receive an email from a manager within one business day.From there we’ll talk about your business, and plan a Lead Generation workflow that will fit you.

If you prefer to kick things off via email, that’s fine too!

How will I communicate with you?

Mostly via e-mail, with your project manager being your main point of contact. For new clients, we usually hold an onboarding call to learn as much as we can about your business and customers.

We can arrange calls whenever you want to talk. The manager and researchers who work on your account will be present for your calls.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, this is a month-to-month service. There are no setup or termination fees. We make it easy for you to upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.

Will this work for me?

Our service is suitable for almost any B2B company. To be sure, contact us and we’ll tell you whether or not we’re able to generate your leads.

Can I see samples of your work?

Sure can! Click here to request 20 free hand crafted B2B leads for your business.

Where is your team based?

Our team is fully remote, but we're headquartered in Wexford, Ireland. All of our marketing specialists, sales copywriters and project managers are based in Ireland.

Our highly educated workforce of researchers is located in Ukraine a region of Europe that has low cost of living and is passing these cost benefits to our clients.

How will you know my Ideal Client Profile well enough to build a list of prospects similar to them?

We’ve developed a comprehensive research process that we go through with every new client. It involves an interview, where we’ll ask you about your products, services and customers. Next we’ll research your industry, competitors, and perform keyword research.

We aim to keep the same project manager and researcher working on all of your lists, so over time they become more in-tune with your needs.

What if I have a list? Will you prepare and send the emails?

Yes, we can create an email sequence and organise outreach to a contact list of your choosing.

Who prepares the pitch?

Based on your marketing materials we will write unique e-mails to maximize returns from your campaign. Your feedback is very valuable - you know your offer and your customers best.

Why should I give you feedback to prospects list?

The first reason is that some companies we deliver could already be your clients, or people you are already talking to. E-mailing them would be inappropriate. You can also provide a list of domains from your CRM and we will exclude them from our prospect lists.

Secondly, we just care about your opinion.­ If you think that some companies are not a good fit, let us know why, so we can generate leads that you really need.

How do you pass prospects list to us?

Either via an excel spreadsheet or a google docs sheet. We can also send them directly into your CRM, in real time, using an API or a bespoke connection.

What is Prospects List?

No two companies are alike and every Ideal Customer Profile is unique. Any lead generation service or database can export lists based on size/vertical and geography.

However, Lead Pal specialists can identify likely buyers and use these ideas to generate a list of truly high-quality prospects.

Who founded LeadPal?

LeadPal was founded by George Fironov in 2016. George has been in sales development service in various industries both in Ireland and abroad for more than 20 years, developing and implementing marketing and sales strategies that convert prospects to customers.

He started LeadPal with the mission of making it easier for sales teams to generate leads and do it systematically.

Do you offer any training on how to set up outbound sales process?

Absolutely. We are experts in organising outbound sales teams and won’t leave you hanging if you have questions.

How does LeadPal source data?

Our team of researchers mines every relevant part of the digital world to find leads that match your Ideal Customer Profile. We tap into information from public data centers, online profiles, 3rd party database APIs, etc..

We work with you to determine the decision makers and corresponding data parameters you require, and our team takes care of the rest.

What sets us apart is that we don’t just produce leads — many databases have up to 40% of outdated contacts. Lead Pal ensures 99% contact validation.

Can we buy a ready-made lead list from LeadPal?

No. We don’t provide ready-made lists. The data we provide is hand-picked, not older than 24 hours, and 98% verified.

We build prospect lists only with companies that meet your criteria, and with all the contact details that you need.

Can you cleanup or CRM from old and irrelevant, duplicated data?

Yes. Our researchers will pin-point current key decision makers within the companies from your CRM. Plus, we can add as many data points as you need, so it can be aligned with your current process.

I have more questions...

If you have questions about working with us, start by scheduling a free consultation here. Any other inquiries, simply send us an email.

Neal O'Gorman Founder & CEO Artomatix

Neal O'Gorman

Founder & CEO

“Leadpal has been a tremendous resource for us... They're a fundamental building block to scale our sales.”
Neal O'Gorman Founder & CEO Artomatix

Joana Belo Pereira

Digital Marketing Manager
GeoPal Solutions

“My company relies on LeadPal for their expertise on how to acquire and reach relevant leads for our business. LeadPal's standard of service is vastly superior to the average service provided by similar companies in the market.”


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