Our lead generation results


Size: 10–15
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Industry: Computer Software, Digital Media, Art, SaaS
Challenge:  Reach out to potential customers, kickstart outbound sales and gather feedback in order to improve product.
Neal O'Gorman Founder & CEO Artomatix

Neal O'Gorman

Founder & CEO

"Leadpal has been a tremendous resource for us. They helped us identify the right prospects to reach out to, tweaked our messaging to be relevant to those potential customers and then contacted them on a regular basis, providing us with many invaluable leads. They're a fundamental building block to scale our sales."


Artomatix is an early-stage company offering a new breed of art tool for for the computer graphics industry.It takes advantage of recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to fully or partially automate digital art creation, allowing a single human artist to do the work of a team. Artomatix was looking to target digital artists within the games domain, without putting additional workload on their already busy sales team.

At the beginning, Artomatix provided Lead Pal with insights from games development industry and their value proposition to define ideal customer profile.

Resulted in generating highly relevant lists of prospects, creating an offer and selling propositions.
Lead Pal executed a well-planned email outreach campaign, A/B tested different targets and communication, which secured Artomatix with a significant number of qualified leads.

After three month with Lead Pal, Artomatix team managed to contact more than 1800 digital artists, and achieve an open rate of 71.5% and a response rate of 26%. It brought about 90 warm leads to their sales funnel, which has helped them collect valuable feedback in order to improve their software and generate sales.